How do I insert a video?

Last updated about 3 years ago

1) Navigate to the page you'd like to embed a video.
Page Navigation.png 100.17 KB

2) Ensure that you're in the Edit mode of the page by clicking on the pencil icon.
Edit page.png 85.34 KB

3) Place the cursor in the area you'd like to embed the video.

4) Click on the video icon in the Attachment tooltip which should appear on the left-side of the cursor.
video - add link.png 70.75 KB

5) Enter the link of the video in the field provided to embed the video in the page.
video - youtube link.png 72.22 KB

6) Ensure that you click on the check icon to save any changes made.
video - save.png 192.34 KB

7) You can insert multiple videos. Move your cursor down or up to insert another video: