I'm not able to find my page after the migration to SlimWiki 2.0

Last updated almost 2 years ago

Your page will be affected by the following changes related to migrating to the new version of SlmWiki and your wiki pages:

  • For better control, your private and public pages will be split into two different Wikis under the same account (one private and one public).
  • Your team-specific pages will be separated into multiple Wikis under the same account for each team.
  • After the migration, pages that belong to multiple collections will appear as “Page name (duplicated)”. 

To find your page, please search for your page on all your new Wikis by:

  1. Opening the top left multi wikis drop-down 
  2. Switch to different wikis
  3. Use the search icon to search for your page
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Please let the owner of your account owner perform the same actions in case you can't find your page or let us know by sending an email to support+v2@slimwiki.com